Commissioned at the end of 2013, my latest documentary for Radio 4 was meant to air in Jan 2014. However it was put back until this January for a variety of reasons. So, after ‘a year in the waiting’ in December producer Lucy Proctor and I finally got cracking.
The programme was a joy to work on. Sometimes in radio you can be left with the dread of thinking either ‘how are going to fill these 28 minutes?’, or just as bad ‘how on earth are we going to edit these 8 hours of content down to 28 minutes?’. But this project wasn’t like that. ‘Shopping Basket’ has always felt the right size and shape. The skill with a programme and topic like this is to take something slightly abstract, unknown and potential quite dull – food inflation and economics – and tell the human side of the story.

Food journalist Andrew Webb crams enough sociological, economic and gastronomic information into Radio 4’s Sunday lunchtime half-hour to make the title of The Inflating Shopping Basket (1.30pm) an understatement in appetite-whetting, intellectual nutrition.
Martin Hoyle,

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