An extract from my latest article for Good Things magazine.

Launched in 2015 by Sissi Semprini, Originario showcases unique artisan Italian produce, the sort of things you only find on a two week off-the-beaten-track-holiday in Italy. These products are normally only available in small, local markets and are made with devotion by craftspeople that often lack the resources to promote themselves beyond their own small region. Every item has a story, which you can read on the website. It shows the incredible efforts each producer goes to to make their product.

DSC_8316Each box is curated around a idea. I had Box no. 3, entitled ’not only milk’ a must for cheese lovers. In it were two incredible raw milk cheeses, a pecorino and a bloomy-rind goat’s milk cheese, as well as white rye pasta, and a majestic extra virgin olive oil made from the ‘tonda iblea’ variety. Also in the box are firm, fleshy Sicilian olives for an aperitivo, slices of fragrant pigato oranges, and a nice bottle of Verdicchio di Jesi Passolento Riserva.

My box was ‘for two’, but there’s also boxes that serve one, four or six. There’s also a suggested menu of sorts, with a few things you have to add in yourself, like pairing eggs with the olives, and making a fresh fruit salad with which to pair the oranges. The recipes for these are on the website, but it’s optional. For more information see