I am the Food Editor and UK Editorial Team Lead for The Culture Trip. I have appeared on BBC TV & Radio, Channel 4, UKTV, The Guardian, AOL and lovefood.com (of which I was the editor). My print work includes The FT, Waitrose Kitchen and delicious. magazines.

‘Get in the mood’ food for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day evening must surely be one of the most unromantic times to eat out. A meal ‘enjoyed’ in close proximity of dozens of other couples, none of whom you must look at but whose every word you can hear. If that’s your thing, good luck to you; if not how else should you mark...
A night of pork, knives at beers

A night of pork, knives at beers

As part of Eat Cambridge last night the upstairs dining room of Pint Shop on Peas Hill played host the first Pork shop. The evening was a resounding success. When planning the evening myself, and owners Benny and Richard, wanted to ensure that guests left with three things. Firstly their bellies full of porky goodness and...