Why Cult Movie 'Withnail & I' Is All About The Food

Why Cult Movie ‘Withnail & I’ Is All About The Food

One of my favourite films of all time, every word in the script in a gem, every performance a classic. Withnail and I is best known for its drink and drug references, but actually I think it’s all about the the food. Withnail & I is something of a religion. Lines like “as a youth...
The best bits of the food map

The best bits of the food map

My showreel is taken from some of the 50+ web videos I made as part of the Big British Food Map for Channel 4. Here's the Youtube link to it.

Ratatouille – The movie and the dish.

On Tuesday evening I went to a special private screening of Ratatouille, the lasted animated offering from Pixar/Disney. The event was organised by Silverbrow (he of GFW blog talk I attended) who managed to wangle a screening for some foodie bloggers from Wired, the UK publicity company promoting the film. In the pre-screening drinks and...