Radio 4

the inflating shopping basket-croppedMy programme, ‘The Inflating Shopping Basket‘ aired on Jan 18th, 2015. You can find out more about it, as well as play the quiz and see how it was covered elsewhere in the media here.





I’ve presented and featured in a number of episodes of Radio 4’s The Food Programme, looking at a broad range of food issues.


Food on the road. Listen again : blog post about the show

Andrew Webb with Chef Dev Bismal, The ambrette restaurant, margate

Food on a pension. Listen again : blog post about the show

Tim's tractor harvesting onions

Cheap veg: The humble onionListen again : blog post about the show

Andrew Webb and Ian Malone

What’s the Future for the Cookbook? Listen again : blog post about the show

Being interviewed by Tim Hayward for another episode of the show looking at new business models and small producers. Blog post here

BBC London 94.9

I appear frequently on BBC London 94.9’s Vanessa show talking about a range of food issues, from news items to how to cook Christmas dinner, both down the line and in the studio. I even baked Vanessa a pie.

Andrew has been working with BBC London 94.9 for a couple of years and is always a great addition to our output.  We have used Andrew for studio based phone-ins on cooking, baking and current affairs topics around eating out.  He is very natural on air which puts callers at ease and his answers are always knowledgeable and informative.  Andrew is also always happy to help at short notice and we have called upon him a number of times to comment on food based news stories.  He’s always happy to help and always has plenty to say!

Gemma Stevenson
Senior Broadcast Journalist
The Vanessa Feltz Show

Monocle magazine

My piece on the Return of English Saffron for Monocle 24’s The Menu.

Cambridge 105fm

I present ‘The Historical Bookshelf‘ once a month on Cambridge 105fm’s food show, Flavour. Each episode looks at an unusual historical food book

Episode 1 – Receipts and Relishes – Bernard Darwin.

Episode 2 – Round the world with an appetite – Molly Castle.

Episode 3 – Cattern Cakes and Lace – Julia Jones and Barbara Deer.

Other Radio Appearances

Here I am taking part in a studio debate on The Voice of Russia UK about the horse meat scandal.

Here’s me being interviewed on Steve Wright in the Afternoon, where I shatter their illusions about the ploughman’s lunch, the Full English Breakfast, and many other things besides.

I’ve also appeared live on BBC Radio Cumbria and BBC Radio Cornwall talking about a variety of topical issues. If you’d like to me appear on any show, please contact me here.

Here’s a little taster of me on Simon Logan’s BBC Radio Newcastle show talking about the book. BBC Radio Newcastle 1min The full interview is here BBC Radio Newcastle 11mins.

Here’s me on the Robert Elms Show, BBC London 94.9 talking about London’s best food inventions, and the contribution ethnic communities have made to UK food.